A+ Study Materials (Current Year)

You will find study material created for specific A+ events as well as the study materials booklets, which contain invitational and district tests for multiple events.

  • To view the applicable grade levels for each A+ Academic Event, please click here.
  • For Music Memory - The UIL offers the Music Memory Passport CD, which includes study and practice materials. The music selections are not part of the Passport CD. You will need to secure the music selections. Links to the selections in iTunes and Spotify can be found here.
  • For Art - The UIL does not sell the prints for Art. Information about purchasing those prints can be found here.
  • For Spelling - The UIL offers the Spelling list as a free download here.
  • For Maps, Graphs & Charts - The UIL no longer sells the Nystrom Desk Atlas. See the A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts page for additional information.