Music Memory Passport 18-19

Music Memory Passport 18-19

 Published by UIL, Music Memory Passport is a collection of top-notch study and practice materials created by professional music educators, including detailed lesson plans and activities, as well as beautiful original listening maps for each selection. Passport is not a printed publication – it’s provided in digital format, with files you can use on your computer and print out as needed.

The files are Macintosh and Windows compatible; files are provided in Adobe PDF format. The Music Memory Passport does NOT include recorded music, but instead is designed to be used with recordings you can purchase and download online from other sources (the UIL does not sell music). It's not necessary to purchase 16 full-length albums when you really need just one selection from each - you can easily purchase just the pieces you need from online sources such as iTunes, most for 99 cents each. A list of links to recommended recordings available on iTunes is included on the files and posted on the UIL website.

This is a downloadable product. This item does not require shipping.

A+ Study Materials (Grades 2-8)