Tax Exempt Orders & Shipping

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Tax Exempt Orders

These instructions apply to everyone. This includes people ordering for a school/school district.

In order to place a tax exempt order you must follow these instructions BEFORE placing the order. If your shopping cart lists taxes, then your account has not been set up to be tax exempt.

Each person wishing to place a tax exempt order (for a school, school district, or other tax exempt entity) must complete these instructions. Because accounts are tied to an individual's email address, there are no pre-made school or district accounts. 

This process only needs to be completed once, as long as you are logging in to the same account. You do not need to complete this process every year.

Step 1

  • To order as a tax-exempt entity, please create an account with the UIL Online Store. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER YET. YOU WILL BE CHARGED TAXES.
    • If you already have an account, proceed to step #2.

Step 2

  • Send a copy of your tax exemption certificate to the UIL Business Office, referencing the email address you have used to create the account (Send to: or fax: 512-232-6471).
    • We recommend email your tax exemption certificate for faster processing because  the UIL staff is working remotely due to COVID-19.

Step 3

  • Afterwards, wait to receive an email confirmation from the UIL stating that your account has been configured for tax-exempt status. Do not place an order before receiving this confirmation email or else the order will include taxes.

***Information for customers creating a new account***

  • The UIL Store does not have school district tax exemption certificates "on file". You must complete the instructions listed above, including sending your exemption certificate.
  • If you have not completed the instructions listed above for your account, then you must complete them before being able to place a tax exempt order.
  • Every individual wishing to create a tax exempt account must completed the instructions listed above. Just because someone else from your school district/school has a tax exempt account does not mean your account is also tax exempt.
  • Just because your school/school district is tax exempt does not mean your account is automatically tax exempt. Everyone must complete the instructions listed above.




NOTICE: Shipping Delays Caused by COVID-19
Because of disruptions caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), shipments are currently taking longer than normal. You will receive an email notification once your order has shipped. We thank you for your understanding.


Standard shipping on all items, except for Athletic & Academic DVDs, is free and usually arrive within 7-14 business days.

Up to 9 DVDs may be shipped for a $5 charge. 10 or more will be charged $10.

The UIL Store does not offer international shipping. If you would like to have an item shipped outside the U.S.A., please contact the UIL business office at or (512) 471-5883 to place an order and make shipping arrangements.